A well-thought out kitchen sink area can completely transform a kitchen, making light work of meal time preparation and washing up. With such a wide range of sinks available, take some time to consider those on offer - luckily, the team here at Kitchen Sync have saved you some time and written a handy guide to help you upgrade to a stylish sink.

Try a Stainless Steel Sink

A Stainless Steel Sink is the most popular choice amongst homeowners, it’s no wonder really - they’re stainless, corrosion-resisting and lightweight. Stainless Steel Sinks are also affordable, durable and long-lasting. If you’re looking for a low maintenance sink, Stainless Steel could be a good option for you, as these sinks can be cleaned using most household chemicals.

Try a Ceramic Sink

A Ceramic Kitchen Sink such as our Belfast Sink can add a classic style to any kitchen, they are often deep and large, making it easy to wash up larger pots and pans. Ceramic Sinks are also resistant to high temperatures, which allows you to transfer hot pans straight from hob, to sink. Ceramic Sinks are simple to clean - use a mild liquid detergent, vinegar or baking soda to scour away stubborn stains or marks, without etching the porcelain or causing the surface to fade.

Try a Glass Sink

Glass Sinks add a modern edge to a kitchen. They come in different colours, which could tie-in nicely with your kitchen design. Make sure you opt for a toughened glass kitchen sink that can withstand hot temperatures, such as the Valle Edesa model. These sinks also come with a Stainless Steel bowl, making them durable and long-lasting. Glass Sinks are straightforward to clean, use either a standard household glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water to coat, then wipe using a soft cloth.