tap designs to suit everyone

Everyone has their own personal style, it’s what makes us all unique. This is why we sell a huge variety of different tap designs to ensure that no matter your taste, we have a tap that is perfect for your kitchen. Taps get used daily, therefore a nice-looking tap will always get noticed, albeit being a small feature in the kitchen, it’s a key feature.


When people think of modern they usually think sleek, minimalistic and stylish. Well that certainly is still the case when it comes to taps. One of our more modern designs is the VALLE SYDNEY MONO KITCHEN SINK MIXER TAP and its stainless-steel body pairs well with kitchens that utilise black, grey or white. If you want to go for a more modern and sleek look then this tap will definitely be the right one for your kitchen.

modern stainless steel kitchen tap


If you enjoy the warm homely feel that a country kitchen brings then you are in luck. We also offer the perfect taps that suit that big, country style ceramic sink. The ESSENTIALS X TOP KITCHEN SINK TAPS offer the simplicity that the country kitchens try and capture and would work perfectly with a wooden countertop and ceramic sink. These are also sold at a very good price, coming in at £9.97 it’s a complete steal.

traditional pillar kitchen taps


If you prefer the practical sides of things then we also offer a full range of pull out rinser taps in all different shapes and sizes. So, if you want a modern looking tap that is more practical then you would probably like the VALLE PARIS MONO KITCHEN SINK MIXER TAP WITH PULL OUT RINSER. It offers you increased freedom when washing dishes whilst still maintaining its modern look. This tap would look amazing with a granite or quartz worktop and would be especially helpful for those deep sinks.

tall pull out rinser kitchen tap