Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

The kitchen is one of the most important places to keep clean. It’s where we cook and even consume food here. However, it is also the room that a lot of us leave messy due to the huge demand it has to be cleaned. Well, now that it’s spring it is the perfect time to get cleaning.

Get ready to clean

Make sure you’re prepared to clean and for a long time too. Put some music on so that your spirit is lifted and you don’t get bored half way through, it always helps to have a good sing whilst cleaning. Then get all your cleaning products that are going to be used out and ready. Get bin bangs or boxes out so that you can easily trash things as you go along and empty the bin before starting. This way you will not have to side track half way through cleaning. You and everything is ready for the kitchen spring clean.

Shelves and cabinets

You don’t want the clean the kitchen just to empty out dirty drawers later, so we will start with the drawers and cabinets. Empty out all the contents and trash anything that you aren’t going to use again, whether it’s old or expired etc. Wipe down the empty cabinets and drawers, with the drawers, put in organisers and then place the contents back in, this time everything won’t get mixed up into one big mess. With cabinets make sure it is also organised into sections, plates on one side bowls on the other etc.


Start wiping down the countertops. However, make sure you remove everything first so that it gets a good clean. Store any of the utensils that aren’t used frequently as they’re just taking up countertop space. Make sure you clear out the crumbs from the toaster and clean inside and out the microwave. Everything on the countertops should be sparkling at this point. Also, give the sink a good clean because you don’t want to be washing dishes in a dirty sink.

Oven and stove

This is the real test. You have to put a bit of elbow grease into this step. Thoroughly scrub the inside and out of the oven. Take off the grills on the stove and clean them, then you can also clean stove as the grills are off. Make sure your oven and stove are sparkling after this. It is an important part of the kitchen after all.

Fridge and Freezer

Empty all the food out, throwing away anything that is out of date and then wipe down the shelves. Place all the food Back in and even organise it better so that it’s easier to find certain things in the fridge.

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