raspberry gin and tonic

Gin and Tonic is about as British as alcohol gets. It’s simple, refreshing, distinct and looks classy too. The best thing about Gin is that it doesn’t tend to have a specific demographic, anyone can enjoy it and add their own twist with different mixers – tonic is the most popular but many people prefer it with Lemonade, for a much sweeter taste. However, if you have never tried Gin before or are simply bored with the stereotypical Gin drinks then here are a couple of varieties that we think everyone should try.

The Classic

For the classic gin, you of course will need good quality gin paired with some cucumber. When it comes to cutting the cucumber, you can go as fancy or simple as you want. For the gin, we highly recommend Hendricks as it goes hand in hand perfectly with a slice of cucumber. This drink is described as bitter, fizzy and floral - we think this is perfect for a classic gin and tonic! Fill a tumbler with ice cubes, then add 50ml gin and 150ml tonic water (this is on preference, we found this measurement to be the tastiest.) Then give it a gentle stir and garnish your drink with thinly sliced cucumber, try and be creative with it, here’s how ours turned out.

Gin and Hendricks tonic
Gin and Hendricks tonic

Gin and tonic with cucumber in

The Raspberry Rose

This gin is for those who aren’t a big fan of your standard gin and tonic. This involves an abundance of flavours and makes a classic gin and tonic something completely different. If you want to make your guests a gin and tonic that they would never have tried then this will be the perfect one. For this drink, we used Bombay sapphire gin but you can use any good quality gin you prefer. This one does take longer to make so ensure that you have enough time to make this. Firstly, add 2/3 cup of raspberries, 1/3 cup of gin, 3 tablespoons of caster sugar, 3 tablespoons of lime juice and ¼ teaspoon of rosewater to a jug and semi crush them together and leave for an hour to infuse. Add crushed ice to the tumblers and pour in the berry/gin mixture. To finish off the drink add chilled tonic water and then finally garnish the drink with rose petals.

rose petals

raspberry and rose gin and tonic in 2 glasses

This are our two-favourite gin and tonics. One perfects the classic cocktail whilst the other puts a modern twist on an already loved favourite, both taste completely different yet they are both beautifully made and taste amazing, especially on a hot day!