Inspirational Chefs

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Everyone needs motivation to cook now and again. In fact, some Celebrity Chefs use fame and success to inspire and motivate people into cooking more. We love chefs that like to inspire others to cook. Here are some celebrity chefs that we think are inspiring.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has played a big part getting kids to eat healthier, even by replacing school dinners with healthier alternatives. It’s not just kids who have benefited from Jamie’s healthy eating message, adults are being influenced too – he has a website jam packed with recipes and several cooking books. Online he has his own website that hold a tonne of healthy recipes that you can cook from home and you don’t have to pay to see these recipes.

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Nigella Lawson

Whilst Nigella does not have any formal training in the field, it hasn’t stopped her selling over 300,000 copies of ‘How to Eat’ which quickly became a best seller and the host of her own cooking show, ‘Nigella Bites’. On top of all that she is always posting easy recipes on her twitter daily, inspiring her followers to cook. She shows the public that in fact you don’t have to be a chef to cook fancy food and it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Gordan Ramsey

Ramsey is notorious for his bad language and anger whilst in the kitchen however he’s entertaining to watch and is one of the celebrity chefs that made cooking entertaining. Not only his is cooking simply amazing but he’s simply a nice guy. Through his ‘Kitchen Nightmares show, he has helped multiple small business get back onto their feet. His sheer passion shows through his cooking and sometimes his anger and he has been very successful in both the UK and the US.

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Heston Blumenthal

Heston made cooking unusual and challenged the traditional way of cooking. Not only that but he made cooking look fun to even children with every dish looking like a magic trick. His approach to cooking has not only amazed the masses but also shown many that they don’t have to cook the way you’re told too. It’s your kitchen so you can cook however you want, Blumenthal just encourages you to experiment with foods and different tastes.

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