Eton Mess Variations

Eton mess variations

Eton mess is a classic British dessert that is loved by many bust just because it’s a traditional dessert doesn’t mean we can’t put our own little spin on the way it is made. We created 3 different Eton mess desserts creating different tastes and spicing up the dessert world.

Summer Fruits

The summer fruits Eton mess is a great way to mix up the classic recipe as it replaces strawberries with raspberries and blackberries. You can either keep strawberries in with these berries or take out the strawberries completely. This Eton Mess not only tastes refreshing but looks absolutely fantastic too!

eton mess with summer berries in it


We decided to turn the traditional British treat into a tropical paradise. For this we took away the strawberries and added mangos and apricot as the main fruit for the filling. Once we had the taste done we thought we should pretty it up even more to give it that extra tropical feeling. By adding extra leaves It makes it look more appetising and will definitely make you feel that you should be eating this in the burning sun on a beach! Perfect for summer.

tropical eton mess with mangos and apricots in it


The exotic Eton mess really changes up the recipe, feeling more exotic, we added passionfruit and pomegranate. We kept strawberries in this recipe because we wanted to keep the original flavour and add a more exotic after taste too it. Not only does this taste amazing it also looks great as all fruits involved in this recipe sticks with the original colour of red which contrasts nicely with the white from the meringue mixture. And we decided to embrace the messiness of an Eton mess which gives a very cool look and makes it more fun to eat!

Eton mess with passionfruit, strawberries and pomegrantes

Tell us what themed Eton Mess you think is the best? Which is the tastiest or which one looks the nicest!

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