Buyer's Guide: Undermounted Sinks

buyer's guide: Undermounted sinks

The sink is a crucial part of your kitchen, both aesthetically and practically, which is why we think it’s important that you get the right on for your kitchen. From a 2-bowl square undermounted sink to a rounded single bowl, there is a lot of different styles of undermounted sink. This is why we thought it was the perfect time to create a guide to help you out.


Whilst all of our undermounted sinks can help you achieve a sleek look, some are more suited to certain situations than others. For example, a square sink goes perfectly with quarts and granite countertops due to its sharp corners and straight lines. It’s even better when paired with a black and white colour scheme to maintain the modern minimalistic style which is lends itself to so well. Check out our VALLE VANCOUVER 394 X 440MM SINGLE BOWL UNDERMOUNTED KITCHEN SINK - STAINLESS STEEL

single bowl squared undermounted sink

Cost Effective

We offer undermounted sinks to suite all budgets so that there’s something for everyone. The price may differ on different sinks but the quality does not, we don’t sacrifice quality to achieve our competitively prices sinks. So if you want a high quality undermounted sink that won’t break the bank then take a look at VALLE HAMILTON 295X435MM SINGLE BOWL UNDERMOUNTED KITCHEN SINK - STAINLESS STEEL

 slightly rounded single bowl undermounted sink


All undermounted sinks are practical as they offer a lot of sink space, allowing you to fit more into it. They also take up less room therefore they also give more countertop space which is also convenient and practical. The 2 or 1.5 bowl undermounted sinks are perfect for busy family kitchens as you don’t have to be tied down by just one sink. You can use both of them as sinks therefore you can be cleaning one bowl with bleach whilst cleaning dishes in the other one. Not only are the 2 or 1.5 bowls practical but they also look smooth too. If you think that you may be interested in this type of sink then you would love the VALLE VANCOUVER 550 X 440MM 1.5 BOWL UNDERMOUNTED KITCHEN SINK - STAINLESS STEEL

 squared 1.5 bowl undermounted sink

If you are still stuck on which undermounted sink you should buy then take your time to look at them all. No matter which one you pick you will find that they are all cost effective, practical and have a unique look that would look great in any kitchen. Take a look at our full range of undermounted sinks here.

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