Buyer's Guide: Pull-Out Taps

buyers guide: pull-out taps

Pull out taps are the most convenient and practical tap to have in the kitchen. You can rather wash dishes like an ordinary way or get up close by using the pull-out feature. However, there are many different designs to choose from which can make it difficult to pick just one.

Not only are all the designs beautifully finished but they all make washing up easier, which is why we decided to help you choose just the right tap for your kitchen. Here is a guide we created on pull-out taps.


When it comes to taps in general, there are so many different designs and styles, this also applies to pull-out taps. For example, you could go for a high tap. This look specially amazing when working with an under-mounted sink and granite work top.

tall pull-out rinser tap

If you want a design that is subtler, you could always opt for a smaller tap that looks like an ordinary tap. That way you get the pull-out function whilst the tap doesn’t look like a typical pull-out tap. These taps work in almost any designed kitchen due to their small subtle design. Take a look and see what you think.

short pull-out rinser tap


They all have the same functionality in the way that they all can extend. However, there are certain taps that have longer reach and others that can spray a bigger surface etc. The tap shown below uses a button that you have to press to then pull the tap out, this way it can be clicked into place.

medium sized pull-out rinser tap

However, this second tap, because it is longer, it will also have a longer extension meaning it can reach further. If you find yourself constantly washing big pots that need a close-up scrub, then the longer extension would benefit you better.

tall pull-out rinser tap

There is very little difference in functionality as they all work for the same purpose, getting an easier clean with the pull-out tap. Therefore, the main thing that you will be looking for when it comes to pull-out taps will be the designs. You will need to measure our sinks, both width and depth to see how long you need your tap to extend to. You don’t want to be buying a pull-out tap that can’t even extend to the bottom of your sink.

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