Buyer's Guide: Kitchen Cabinets

Buyers guide: kitchen cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there are two main designs - modern and traditional. However, that doesn’t make choosing the right one easier. There are a wide range of different styles and colours for each design, making the buying process rather tricky. So, we have decided to create a guide to walk you through the process.


Modern cabinets tend to have a minimalist look to them, with no patterns and very little colour. If modern kitchen cabinets are what you are looking for then brown, black, grey, white and cream are the general colours that you will be looking at. However, there is a few different looks you can go for.

A matte wooden finish has become popular in kitchens especially darker woods such as mahogany or even black or grey. The gloss finishes have also become extremely popular, however that doesn’t mean you have to stick with just one of the other – how about the best of both worlds? Have a look at this minimalist kitchen that works both of these perfectly.

matte wooden cupboards

However, if you do want to stick with just one style of cabinet, which most people do, then white or back are always a good option, they are basic colours that achieve that modern minimalist look. This kitchen shows how perfect it can be executed.

black cabinets with white counter top

As seen with this design, an undermounted sink is in place, this really compliments the design, as it goes with the minimalist theme that most contemporary kitchens tend to achieve. This sink looks good with any countertop apart from wood so it is a very good option to go for.

undermounted sink


Most people seem to think a traditional style is one which has ‘gone out of fashion’, however this is not the case. There are many designs that use traditional cabinets in a modern looking way, it looks amazing and creates a warm, homely look to the kitchen. This is the perfect example of how a traditional cabinet can be integrated into a kitchen, whilst complementing the existing modern décor.

traditional kitchen with white cabinets

However, you can also go for a strong traditional style which looks extremely classy without breaking the bank. The kitchen below is the perfect example of how modern elements still belong within even the most traditional of kitchens. Together, this entire look is elegant and classy.

traditional kitchen with cream cabinets

If you opt for a wooden countertop then stainless steel sinks work perfectly, however our ceramic sinks really do stick to the Victorian era and bring the whole kitchen to life. You can also achieve a country home kitchen with the ceramic sinks take a look at a few here.

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