Buyer's Guide: Countertops

buyers guide: countertops

Countertops are a handy space to place appliances such as toasters and microwaves, they are used to prepare your food and they are a massive part of your kitchen physically. If you have an outdated countertop, no matter how new the rest of the kitchen is, your kitchen overall will still come across as old and bland.

We thought we should help with the process of choosing the right countertop for your kitchen. From price, practicality and aesthetics we will go through different designs and materials used for countertops to find the perfect one for your kitchen.


This is one of the most commonly used materials in the kitchens, which speaks volumes when you think of the options you have. This can look good in the most minimalist of modern kitchens with its uniform look. Its price range is higher than granite but less than marble. Not to forget it’s also better for the environment as it is manmade from the use of waste stone. Quartz would look great with our VALLE QUEBEC 1.5 bowl sink to finish that modern kitchen look.

 a 1.5 bowl stainless steel sink


Granite is a classic when it comes to beautiful kitchen designs and works perfectly with traditional designs. It’s the cheapest of all stone countertops and therefore very appealing for those on a tighter budget. Its natural stone finish really adds elegance to the kitchen. However, it isn’t economically friendly, due to it being a natural stone, massive slabs of stone have to be cut out and transported etc. therefore it has a bigger carbon footprint than quartz. This material works amazingly well with under-mounted sinks as it maintains a traditional look without having too much steel on show. Our VALLE VANCOUVER 1.5 bowl undermounted sink looks incredible with any style of granite.

A stainless steel undermounted sink


The last of the stone countertops is marble. With it being the most expensive, you know that you’re not only going to get a higher degree of quality but you are also going to impress guests. This looks great in a modern kitchen paired with a lot of white, blacks and greys. Marble isn’t exactly best for the environment because massive slabs of rock are required and a lot of waste is created during manufacturing, however its natural look gives you a countertop that isn’t uniform and looks great. Just like the granite worktop we suggest you opt for an undermounted sink to keep the focus on the marble. However, we recommend a single bowl sink like our VALLE VANCOUVE single bowl undermounted sink which would ensure that the marble is the main focus in the kitchen.

A stainless steel undermounted sink


If you prefer a subtle, natural look then wood is a great option. To achieve that authentic country kitchen, look then you have to go for wooden countertops. Everything else would just put a modern twist on the classic design. Country kitchens are rare these days but they are certainly beautiful as they bring a very homely feel to the house. This is the least expensive material you could opt for so it’s very forgiving on tighter budgets and if you really do want that warm, loving country home feel in the kitchen then pair the wooden countertop with a ceramic sink. Timeless. Our RANGEMASTER FARMHOUSE SINGLE BOWL CERAMIC BELFAST SINK would work hand in hand with this material and ensure that your country home is complete.

ceramic single bowl sink

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