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We love a barbecue, but the clean down afterwards can be a real pain if you’ve been cooking and hosting all evening! As it’s #NationalBarbecueWeek and the British summer seems to have finally arrived, we’ve compiled some top tips that may help you to keep calm and ‘grill on’ the next time you fire up the coals.

Barbecue grill

What’s the best approach when cleaning a BBQ?

If your BBQ grill has been collecting dust in your garage and still remains caked in last summer’s grub, a more intensive clean is required. Heating coals or simply switching the gas onto a low heat should help you to burn off some of the old food stuck to the grill. After heating gently – please make sure to turn off your gas bottle or wait for the coals to cool before you do anything else! Use the ‘steaming’ method to help soften any debris (this can be done by either adding a damp newspaper onto the grill, or alternatively filling a deep metal baking tray with water, resting it on the grill and closing the barbecue lid to help loosen any old bits of food). Once the barbecue has been steamed and cooled, cleaning should be much easier.

How to clean a BBQ grill

Firstly, remove the grill and get ready for a good scrubbing. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your barbecue grill, as these could damage the grill and also contaminate the food you’re going to cook. Opt for warm, soapy water instead and clean the grill using a scourer. Alternatively, you can buy barbecue cleaner, however we’d recommend testing an area of this product onto the grill before using all over your barbecue - if the area looks corroded or discoloured, use a gentler mix of soapy water to clean instead.

Once clean, rinse and dry your grill. Grills are quite an awkward shape to navigate in your sink, however a pull out kitchen tap makes light work of rinsing off suds and hosing down any stubborn stains. Once your grill is sparkling clean and dry, you could try rubbing a small amount of vegetable oil onto the grill which will prevent rusting.

Cleaning barbecue grill using pull out kitchen tap

Cleaning barbecue grill using pull out kitchen tap

Cleaning barbecue grill using pull out kitchen tap

Cleaning barbecue grill using pull out kitchen tap

Top tip! When cleaning out your BBQ drip trays (only do this when the BBQ and any excess fat are cool) try using some spare cat litter to soak up any grease - leave for a few minutes, then dispose of the cat litter and wash out the trays using warm soapy water.

Try and keep your barbecue clean after each use, it might be the last thing you want to do after a day in the sunshine with friends - but it will mean less work in the long run! We recommend investing in a BBQ cleaning brush like a steel brush. Once your barbecue has cooled down, use this to scrape away any dirt (it will be easier to do this when the grill is still slightly warm). If you use a charcoal BBQ, empty and dispose of your coals once they’ve cooled (this could take up to 48 hours) and dust the bottom of your barbecue after each use.

Happy barbecue’ing!