Accessory of the month

We thought we should kick start the accessory of the month with an age-old classic. And of course, that is the Mason Jar! They’ve been in the kitchen for hundreds of years and have always been great storage solutions, hence why we are still using them to this day.


Mason Jars are massed produced therefore they are also very cheap to buy. So, if you are looking for cheap storage solutions for your herbs and spices then you should consider them as they won’t break the bank but can still be of high quality. In fact, you could even reuse big jam jars, that way it won’t cost you a penny.

open jar

Homely Look

If you have a country home/ family style kitchen then these would fit right in. Not only would they blend into the kitchen they would in fact add to the authenticity of the design. Just because they are jars doesn’t mean they’re not stylish. You could opt for jars that are labelled or play it cool with plain jars. They come in all different shapes and styles, giving you a huge variety of styles to choose from. Even if you have a contemporary style kitchen you can purchase sleeker jars that give off a very modern vibe. So, whatever kitchen style you have, there are Mason jar designs that would complement the design.

mason jars

Easy Storage

Jars allow you to organise smaller ingredients such as rice or spices so that you can store and reuse them another time. They are perfect for storing ingredients because they’re made of glass, allowing us to see what ingredients are inside. Not just that but they also come in all different sizes so we can store as much or as little as we want and they don’t have to take up much room. You can leave them sitting on the countertops, inside or above cupboards so whatever you’re storing, you can place the jars wherever you need them.

open jar with spices falling out