8 Tips For A Successful Barbecue This Summer

Barbecue weather is finally here! Remember those days where you invite your best of friends and family down for tea in your garden? Drinks in hand, kids running about – everybody’s happy. Considering the weather here are the top 8 tips for a successful BBQ this summer!

  1. Get the right fuel
  2. Lumpwood charcoal is the only right answer here. It’s the stuff that looks like pieces of burnt tree and gives the best flavour to all barbecue food.

  3. Timing is key
  4. Don’t just blaze up and throw all the food on the grill straight away. You’ve got to wait for the flames to die down and the charcoal is a glowing white/grey, or you end up with burnt food that is still raw on the inside – which no one wants.

    (If you can see the flames then it’s too early)
  5. Make sure you have all the necessary tools
  6. We’ve all lost a sausage or two to the fiery pit after it slipped in between the grill or rolled off the edge but a good pair of tongues will stop that happening again. If you’re cooking fish then a Fish Grill makes it infinitely easier, it’s a good idea to get one!

  7. Cleaning is easier when the grill is hot
  8. If you’re like the majority of us, the last thing you’d want to do is start vigorously cleaning just before you start cooking only to work up a sweat. Instead, start the barbecue as normal but as the grill gets hot use a long-handled wire brush to clean off the debris from the previous use. It’s much easier when the grill is warm/hot!

  9. Stop food sticking to it
  10. Just like you would with a drying pan, add a bit of oil to stop anything sticking to the grill. Use an oil-soaked paper towel held by tongues to coat the grill evenly. It makes cleaning much easier too as nothing/less sticks to it!

  11. Marinate. Cook. Serve.
  12. Don’t just grill and serve. The best ‘barbequers’ know just how important a good marinade is and it’s best to understand why. Marinated meat tastes a lot better than ‘plain’ meat, retains more moisture (if done correctly) and has a heavenly smell that no one could resist. Here are some ideas for some of the best marinades!

  13. Trim the fat and poultry skin if possible
  14. The ‘juice’ from meats cause the flames to flare-up and it makes it taste slightly ‘off’. Go for lean cuts when possible, trim the fat and remove the poultry skin to reduce how much it drips and therefore how much it flares-up.

  15. Lid on or off?
  16. For ‘thin’ (less than ¾”) foods the lid is best kept off to prevent over cooking the middle. For tick foods, a lid is best as the heat ‘attacks’ from the top and bottom, retains moisture and smoke for a better overall cook.

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